The Benefits Of Access Matting

Access Mat

Access Mat

If you are involved in the construction, oil exploration, drilling or the mining industry, you should already know the importance of access matting. Access or rig matting plays an important part as a portable platform that helps carry heavy equipment to inaccessible drilling, construction, and mining sites. They can also be used as a structural roadway that offers passage to pipelines and unstable grounds in the aforementioned industries. They are considered a specialized type of matting that provides access to otherwise impassable terrain. This article provides an overview of the importance of using access matting in construction, oil exploration, drilling, and other resource-based industries.

Access mats are also known as rig mats. They are environmentally friendly since you will not need to build a stone or concrete roadways to reach the difficult terrain in your oil exploration, construction or drilling project. This is why the majority of worksites in these industries use access mats. There are many benefits of these mats. The flora in the area can access water resources while maintaining their rooting systems without any problem thanks to these matting systems. It also reduces the chances of spreading invasive species to the worksite and surrounding environment. These are some of the most notable advantages of using rig matting in construction, drilling and oil exploration facilities throughout the globe.

Pine, fir, spruce or a combination of these three types of wood are mostly used to build access mats. These materials are said to resist warping, weatherization, and chemical wear over time. This is why wood is considered one of the best materials to build rig mats. These matting helps save time and effort in accessing impassable terrain in construction, oil exploration, and drilling sites across the country. They also help save the surrounding environment in the process. This is why access mats are so popular in this day and age. These rig mats require enduring heavy loads most of the time.

They should be built sturdy for this purpose. Heavy-duty equipment and tools are carried over these access ways most of the time. They should be able to withstand heavy loads almost on a consistent basis. This is why access mats are encased with steel frames for strength and durability in the long run. These mats are important to create a dust-free access pathway to the oil exploration, drilling or construction sites. Cleaning up the area after completion of the project is also easy thanks to these rig mats. It also offers a safe worksite for the workers to carry on with their work without any danger.

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